A little history

Deer Island is an island claimed by Canada, but a stone’s throw from the beautiful coast of Maine. It is connected to the mainland (L’Étete NB) via a government run free year-round ferry service and ferry connections to Campobello and Eastport Me.At one time, the Lambert home stood as a beautiful beacon of gracious and grand Victorian living as it sat atop a grassy knoll, in the centre of village and commercial life in Lord’s Cove, Deer Island, Canada. The carriage house is now gone, but the back stairway and servants’ quarters stand as testimony to a bygone era of studied opulence and privilege. The handcut, wooden safe hidden in the Lambert’s dining area’s cabinet still exists as it did when the house was completed in 1903 Or 1904.
The turn of the century in Maritime Canada produced a bounty of new-found wealth for those Loyalists and third and fourth generation British Isle emigrants who persevered the harsh winters and rural environs.
It was a land rich in fish, lumber, skilled craftsmen and a rock-solid work ethic. Their world was finely delineated by the dictates of their landscape. The sea was their transportation route and it proved to be a cornucopia of continuous wealth. The Eastern seaboard of Canada and the United States is dotted with the exquisite, estate homes of the ocean-going, sea captains, lumber barons and wealthy trademen of that era.

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